StudentÕs Name: _________________________________________________________________________


Was this paper handed in on time?:    Yes      No   (*Late work receives a zero as explained in the syllabus.)










Needs Improvement




For your portfolio, improve these areas by:

Is the paper the required length? If not, the assignment is considered incomplete = zero.







Student who hand in incomplete papers should add to the paper for the portfolio.

Is the paper in MLA format, if necessary? (One inch margins, double=spaced, top left side includes studentÕs name, instructorÕs name, assignment and date.)








Is there a title? If so, is the title appropriate and does it make the reader want to read more?








Is there a strong thesis statement within the first two paragraphs?








*Material- (Generalizations backed up, All points adequately covered, Accurate information, All points supported, Material is free of contradictions.)














*Organization- (Clear, logical paragraph structure, Smooth transitions... Does the paper have an interesting introduction and an appropriate conclusion?












*Style- (Clarity, Conciseness, Emphasis, Tone, Coherence, Diction: Appropriate, avoids cliches and unnecessary jargon, Sentence Structure: Avoids monotony.)












*Mechanics-(Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation.)







Does the paper have an attached Works Cited page, if necessary? Does the paper have parenthetical citations, if necessary?






Students should add PC to the paper and complete a WC page for the portfolio.


*A more detailed explanation of these assessment categories can be found in the syllabus.