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"Basically my job was to nuture graduate students."-Duane Roen

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october 1, 2002- 11:34pm

can't get onto the INTERNET dammit. so i'll blog here and then throw it onto our community blog later.

these thoughts below and to the side are brainstorms. in no particular order. usually cooresponding to a quote in the book. or a brain fart that came to me. from heaven? perhaps.


going from thinking that the individual has to hermit himself/herself in a hole and come out with a beautiful manuscript to thinking and believing that the opposite can work.. can work better.. and is better for people in many ways. to slave over work... struggle with someone... work through human problems and conflicts as well as conflicts with one's own mind... quite an accomplishment. Quite an interesting learning environment.

"The drive to reconcile this tension has led us, Kami and Michele, to consider how our own sense of the existence of an individual consciousness is (or is not) compatible with our sense that one does not write alone."


"...if all writing is indeed collaborative, then so is all thought, all consciousness... [saying that all writing is collaborative] is pointing out the obvious and unavoidable..." for some reason I cringe hearing that. everyone definitely has their own way of saying something... I don't necessarily think that those thoughts are taken, collaboratively if at all, from others all the time. Sure, I'll get ideas from people, but it's not a collaborative experience. I don't quote them. Some ideas, some writing is not collaborative. like my fractured narrative I am working on. I am collaborating, though, I suppose with my memory.. my own mind. is that what they possibly mean with the I-Thou complex thing?? "language lies on the borderline between oneself and the other. The word in language is half someone else's." hmmmm....

THE ZONE: A complex and rich matrix of forces, created when a writer collaborates with others proximally, virtually, historically, or spiritually... (?)

"having to prove I am who I say I am"


In my own collaborations from the past.. each one was rewarding ONCE I got in to the arena where the people I worked with wanted to work with me as much as I wanted to be with them. Kristen was more 'out there' with ideas, and I think I grounded our project a bit. She was the thinker, and I put the ideas to paper. We were both visually creative too, so the layout had to be perfect... With Jared, well besides having a crush on him, the process of coming up with our collaborative lesson plan on myths was fun. He hit on Native American ones (his specialty) and I hit on ones more common to me. Granted, our presentation took place in a gym due to another collaboration for physical ed peers, but it went well, I thought, for being undergrads and new to it all. In both instances, friendships got more extensive. I learned more about them than I would have just sitting by them in class and gossiping, etc. I do, however, like to work by myself a LOT. Maybe that's the reason for blogging (no one bothers me versus IMing.. and it's more interactive and visual than e-mail)... and for putting my stuff online.

"The lesson to be remembered... is that there is no need to eradicate difference to find solidarity."

With Kristen, the opposites in ourselves filled in the spots that were lacking in the other person (did that make sense?)... and instead of focusing on the male/female combo with Jared, we focused on our passions teaching-wise. So again, being the opposite helped.


YES, because you have to think of what YOU want to say.. what the other person will say and then HOW to put that together... pleasantly... fabulously.

This book had a LOT of details and examples.

I loved the clothing metaphor on 87. Yes, sometimes.. I do a sleeve.. then another. Slowly work on the body.. as I blog maybe. With others, I can see how the metaphor works too... With Kevin and Cindy.. I would definitely be the one putting on the pretty buttons.. they do the big work, in my opinion.. then again, I am going back to thinking I don't contribute. Ok, so maybe I have added a cuff here and there... :-) hee hee.

"I think we're each other's cheerleaders..." That is how education, teaching, should be. We should always cheer each other on. Criticism once in awhile, yes, but the first thing a teacher needs before entering the classroom, like a football player, is a good talk by a coach and a cheer from some cute cheerleaders. That metaphor just got out of hand. oh well. I would actually want to be cheered on by the football players with the cute butts, but.. anyhow....

october 2, 2002- 11:33am

KIRSCH: "These new textual practices have a number of serious limitations in terms of readability, accessibilitiy, and interpretation. They can disguise a writers' continuing authorial control, they can fail to provide the theoretical framework and cultural context necessary for understanding the multiple voices emerging in a single text, they make new and difficult demands on readers, they require tolerance for ambiguity and contradictory claims, and they easily become elitist and exclusionary." If they do some of these things, oh well, there are single-author texts out there that do these things, and really, if it works for some to collaborate- if it will give the academic world something to view and appreciate and use to further their thinking, then GOOD.

"We need to examine our motivations for creating these new forms of discourse.." That's simple- to do something DIFFERENT!!

(will get to Reynold's before class.. must upload this page before I can't dial into campus anymore.)


(First Person)(First Person)

Collaborative Writing... definition of.. is it co-authoring.. what's the difference?

Feministic? I need to take more feminine theory classes.. it intrigues me. Even though I wouldn't consider myself a feminist... to know that the general consensus is that traditional discourse is more masculine.. well.. I suppose that works- IT WAS STARTED SUPPOSEDLY BY MALES.

Subjectiveness: is the controversial nature of their lifestyles a factor in playing a part in controversial new ways of academics? Do/can open-minded people (like homosexuals are steretyped, in my opinion) fit into the traditional.. are they "forced" into the taboo paths??

Humbleness: no one wants to be above another... who's name goes first- doesn't occur to them until they are asked. "it's hard to get grad students to feel they have something to contribute." YUP.

Friendships and Opposites Attract?


p.s. I liked the fractured narrative mixed in to show the personal conversations and interviews.


KIRSCH- why shouldn't we question old conventions and create ones that work individually for us? Some will understand, and others will not.

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