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NTS: Notes to Self.

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october 8, 2002- 6:39pm.


pre-reading comments: When I taught at the high school level, I collaborated with one of the history teachers.. as he covered the history from one era, I covered the literature from that era. We were only able to do it for one unit.. since he had other projects, as did I, but it was fun.. the students connected more to it, I think, and it wasn't too difficult to plan out although we didn't really have a set plan. He was easy to work with, being a liberal older male that liked how I "rebelled" against traditional teaching ways. He did too, but, hey, he was tenured. He didn't get into battles with parents or the supt. Still, I am glad we got to try out something more interdisciplinary. At that very school, other teachers from across the halls were collaborating.. amazing how two things we talked about, collaboration and now interdisciplinary stuff, connect in many instances.

ALTDIS=Double Standard: Texts that say writing throughout the disciplines is permeable, but yet, the texts that students see in their disciplines' texts "offer prescriptive advice and definitive standards for format and documentation". Hm, interesting.

Because our content that we write about IS in the discipline of writing... we don't have an extreme risk like other disciplines to write alternatively.

This essay did not bring up anything that I didn't already sort of assume already about other disciplines. We've already mentioned that the English culture has some problems with alternative style so I highly doubt other arenas would embrace it when people who are IN the discipline don't quite embrace it COMPLETELY.

october 8, 2002- 11:21pm.

DALY (51)=.."I'm politely deferential when I should speak up, or I'm confused when I should be angry." Wow. I connect with that more than I want to admit to. The whole observation of her mother was intriguing. What is it in mothers, this mother in particular I suppose, to go along with the man of the household. Why do we, as a society, look down upon strong women, strong independent mothers? Women tell off someone= bitch... a guy does the same and no one comments. Our societal pushing of females and males into specific rules and specific types of language is astounding to me.

In my own relationship, I find myself struggling between my natural nature (?) to be nice. I am a nice person to almost anyone- I have difficulty telling people no.. telling people to leave me alone at bars or in general.. telling people bad news.. when I broke up with my last boyfriend, I studdered, trying to find the right words.. trying to say it so I didn't sound like a bitch BECAUSE I did care about him.. didn't want his thoughts of me to change. So, with this nature to be nice, comes the fact that people walk over me from time to time. Relatives especially. Plus, I am gullible, and so that adds to my nice-ness as well as sometimes makes me seem like the dumb blond I am actually not. Anyhow- in this new relationship, just recently, I needed to express my dislike of something he was doing, and unlike in other past relationships, I stood my ground. Kept the tears back, let him know exactly how I felt. It wasn't mean, but it was articulate. Like a well-written essay with a thesis and backup evidence. I COULD have been more harsh, but I don't think it would have given me the result I wanted. I want him to see me for who I am. Feminine but strong. That is SO tough to pull off sometimes.

DALY (191)= Good questions: What to allude to in the classroom setting? What to disclose? Goes along with writing. When I wrote that last fractured narrative about Jason- I thought, do I talk about going down on him.. does that make me look less of a scholar to talk about socially vulgar things?

"But such personal revelations would not be considered acceptable in most classrooms." Why why why? To whom? What is, then, acceptable?

Much of the rest of that chapter... well, it seemed too much to ask. Teachers already have too much to include in their classrooms. I do think that her one comment to get girls to read more essays and stories where the women decides/thinks about her choices for her future are a great idea. I latched onto Emerson and Thoreau for my individualistic feelings.


Project Ideas:

Pedagogy- Collaborative project WITH my students OR I plan to do something with Jenn.

Practice- Fractured Narrative of a past relationship composed of different genres, research, quotes, and narrative...

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