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september 16, 2002- 3:22pm

Hey, People from my Composition and Rhetoric Class!! Hi! What you need to do for next week, the 25th, is read through the stuff found here.. link over to it all and read/skim.. the gray area to the right is what I GIVE MY STUDENTS.. so YOU don't have to do any of that, but you may want to check it out. In the previous entry below, I list some of the articles/sites/essays you should look at to get an even better idea of "The Blogging Phenomenon". Rebecca Blood's can be found by going to her site and then clicking on the archives link at the VERY top of her index page. Then just find Sept. 7, 2000 from there.

Besides reading Rebecca's article.. the only other readings I can think of would be other blogs that you find interesting. I read the blog Kevin and Cindy and I have quite a bit.. mostly for ideas for our class, but the advice and support is nice as well. We all blog after our classes to see how things went, etc. In fact, all of you in class may want to read parts of that blog. We are not only funny/witty, but analyze how blogging works on a daily basis.

september 16, 2002- 2:53pm

Turns out that I will probably miss class on sept. 18, so I need to get my butt in gear and prepare for what information they will need to look at for the 25th... I have dinner that night as well. oofta. I am 99% sure that this will be my only absence.

So, I think I will hand out the sheet (in gray area to the right) I give to my students to get them started with blogging... AND have them read Rebecca Blood's Sept. 7, 2000 entry (gives more insight).. plus, I could point out what we are doing in our specialized 110 course.. since that is focused precisely on how blogging can be used in the classroom. Kevin and Cindy's blogs would be useful here.

I could also have them check out all of my damn blogs. This is my compBlog, and I also have a lingBlog for Sociolinguistics class (need to show that yet to Dr. Salting), two teaching blogs- one at and another on this very website that connects to all my students' blogs.



uBlog, iBlog, bisonblog, lingBlog, compBlog

Defintion: "A frequently updated, chronologically ordered collection of hypertext fragments." [Hypertext: Text, words, etc found on the internet]

History: Began right along with the birth of the internet in 1994 and is slowly growing in popularity now vs. homepages/web sites.

Types: Rebecca Blood ( places the blogs into two categories: the journal style and the filter style. We will concentrate on the journal style. The filtering style allows for some commentary and then a link to what the blogger is commenting on/about.

Who blogs?: High school students, corporate people, graphic designers, web designers, teachers, etc.

Objectives for blogging in this class: To allow students to gain better writing skills through writing more (along with brainstorming, interacting with other students, and drafting). To allow students more access to technology and using for their benefit. To allow students to gain insight into how technology affects them, enables them, and can 'hurt' them.

1.What YOU need to do: Find a site to blog on. The ones that are the easiest to use are: (my personal favorite) (allows for collaboration) (allows for collaboration)

2.Set up an account with your blogging site and then start blogging. Check out other people's blogs! Put "weblogs" into a Yahoo! Search and check them all out. Some of the ones to definitely look at: (a news blog) (news blog) (an interesting commentary blog) (pop culture blog) (have a blog read to you!)

For more information on blogs and links about/of them:

3.AFTER doing that, e-mail me or tell me your blogging site. You get to decide your limits. If you want to blog just about our class, that is fine. If you want to add personal observations along with assignments, brainstorming, tidbits to use for a paper, that is fine as well. Your blog will be used for the mentioned items above: brainstorming, interacting with other students, as well as a possible site for placing assignments, drafts, and ideas.

4.Blogging will be an ongoing assignment: Every week, I want you to blog. Look at other blogs and comment. During some weeks, there will be a specific activity to do with the blogs, but otherwise, just continue to blog whatever: a memory that came to you while walking to class, something someone said, a word that will remind you of a story to tell later, a link to an article you want to use in a paper or talk about in class.

NTS: Notes to Self.

-Print off all the stuff I want them to look at tonight or tomorrow and put it in Betsy's mailbox .. or just hand it all to her.

-I am going to miss out on Peer Review stuff. That stinks. Hopefully someone will look at my book review at a different time.. let me know what's missing, etc.



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