16 Nov 04

Sybil Priebe

Opinion Editor


On the glorious Opinon page, we’ve had Tasa and Dean write about where to meet people so the dating pool can begin to open up for ya’ll. Well, Laura (the “conservative” facing off with me on these tips) and I decided to go from “where to meet hotties” to “how to meet ‘em” or rather, how to get their attention. My article here will lean towards the liberal side of things, since, duh, I am a tad bit “liberal.” This way, I figure, all students on this campus are covered for ideas for how to run into “Miss Right,” “Mr. Right,” or, let’s be honest, Miss or Mr. Right Now.


Tip Numero Uno: Talk to yourself. Sure, it sounds dorky, but I have met more people standing in line at the Korner Mart telling myself that Cameron Diaz is a hottie while viewing her and others on the cover of various magazines. Guys like lesbians, or at least those who appear to be lesbians. And guys, women appreciate guys who can see inner beauty.


Tip Two: Go places by yourself. I don’t know how many times I have wanted to go to some poetry slam or some cool art exhibit and no one to come with me. A few times I have ventured out by myself (movies are the best with no one who owns a cell phone) and not only has the potential been there for me to meet others, but it has increased my ability to just go out alone and be independent. Guys like independence. And girls need to have that simply to survive around men. Plus, whichever sex you are, you look mysterious when you are out and about by yourself.


Tip Three: Notes. I am a firm believer in the “Do you like me?” note. It IS very middle school-ish, but how fun is it to receive notes or letters or emails from people we don’t know (besides telemarketers or companies with bills)? Find out what dorm or apartment the gal/guy you like lives in and send them something fun. Suddenly, the poet in you will come out, or you’ll discover the fabulous Hallmark selection wherever. (Heck, rent Amelie, and you’ll see where this tip can get you.)


Tip Four: Smiles and a simple “Hi” can go along way. Trust me. Hell, this tip works for 2 year relationships as well as married couples.


Tip Five: This is the hardest one of all, but I have done it. Whether you are female or male, go right up to the person you’ve been drooling over for the last month and tell ‘em straight out that you think they are A) gorgeous and B) worth getting to know better. This could be as simple as telling someone: “Um, yea, you’re hot. I was wondering if I could buy you a drink (or coffeee) sometime because you seem like a cool person I should know.”