“I have sand in my crotch AGAIN.” She laughs a sort of giggle-cackle and ‘shakes her bootie’ (as she would say) to release the teeny pebbles back to where they belong. Before squatting back down to her yoga position, her novel for a Grad. School course, and her Rum Diet, she peers at him through her long hair. And smiles.
He stares at her. Somewhat amazed, and somewhat delighted with the simple smile. Most of the time, she keeps to herself and then all of a sudden will come forth like a 3D movie. Up and in his face acting a little insane and a little queer. Nonetheless, he likes it. Has learned to like it. And, fortunately, he actually hopes she never changes.
“What’s your crotch got that the sand wants? Did you ever think of that?” She looks up, realizes what he has said, and immediately grabs her stomach while she laughs. He loves to hear her laugh. A day can’t go by without him hearing it. Somehow.
“Um....” More laughing, “I don’t know... um...” She sticks her tougue out and him (won’t be the last time that day) and growls, “Well, sir, perhaps the sand has your mind and is.. a bit.. perhaps.. perverted.. and wanted to see what lies behind a yellow bikini bottom?” He, of course, grins, and returns her invisible hormones as he leans in. She does too and they kiss.
Other occupiers of the quiet beach stare. Jealous women wonder how she attained such a gorgeous man and also why he likes her even though she’s got a bit of cellulite on her ass. But this girl, with her yoga positions and rum, brushes the unknown criticisms. She always has and that, actually, is what attracts the boy, hottie or not, to her. He had actually completely fallen for her when she, well, fell in front of him on campus one snowy North Dakotan day.


Thump. Legs fly above the heart, and her tailbone meets the ice-covered sidewalk. She lies there. Then BOOMS with laughter. First a giggle, then a weeze, and finally the pig snorts come from her sunburnt face which is covered in long brown and blond curls as he towers above her.
“Is that you God?” She splurts out in between giggles. His shadow remains over her as he begins to shake his head and laugh as well.
“Yes, Are you ok?” His lanky arm grasps her mitten-covered hand. Once eye to eye, her giggles fade and she brushes her old pea coat off.
“Thanks, I do that a lot,” Her flexible legs bend down to retrieve her book bag, “In fact, you interrupted my daily ritual.” Her smile beamed and his heart didn’t know what to do.
“Yes, really.”
“I figure if I make it a goal to fall everyday on my ass, my self-esteem will grow instead of suffer. It sounded like a good idea at the time....” She smiles again, and his face can’t seem to not want to follow it up with one of his own.
“Were you drunk?”
“Yes.” Her openess was attractive. This, he thought, would be his lead in.
“Well, how about you and I get together and come up with more great, insane theories like that one?” She nods and takes his hand. Writes her number on the palm carefully, sexually in some way. Before she thanks him, or while she does, he realizes that he can’t imagine anything else he wanted to do with his time for the rest of his life.
Later in that week, they meet in the college’s pub and talk. And talk. And with each laugh that pokes from her lips, his heart collapses with happiness. He had to keep her in his life. This he knew. And within her own mind, she felt the same way. They walk out to their cars that night, still talking about Chinese horoscopes (the book that had popped out of her book bag), not wanting to leave each other.



-*different story- same beginning*-


“I have sand in my crotch AGAIN.” She laughs to herself, shakes her lower body around to eliminate the buggers, and returns to her Rum Coke and novel. She could be admiring her new body, weight lost over a few months, but instead she is enticed with a novel. One for class nonetheless. But any passerby may wonder why this Midwest girl has traveled on her spring break to Aruba to read. Well, okay, to read, drink, and take in some sun. And/but all alone.
Before falling in love with anyone, she knew she had to love herself. Completely and first of all. Too many times she had seen herself get sucked into a dependent state with men.. boys.. and had seen friends under that spell as well. This was why she was alone, to think. This was why she wasn’t dating.