He smoothed my hair as he kissed me, and I put my hand on the back of his neck to pull him closer to me. It felt good to be in someone's arms. Someone that I could trust completely.

"Wow... umm... what does this mean?" I whispered. He inhaled deeply and looked right into my blue eyes with his green ones.

"Tatum, I want to be with you but maybe this is a bit quick... " I nodded, and we held each other again. We went into our seperate rooms that night, but in the morning everyone acted as if they had been spying on us.

"So... Mark... did you sleep good last night? I heard these people making out last night and I hope they didn't wake you too," Zoe started with a big grin as he cooked us all eggs,"Why are you smiling? Mark, you ears look like little fire engines- how does that work? You must have a lot of blood flowing around in you.. wait! That wasn't YOU last night? WAS IT?…. I told you to leave that poor blow up doll alone!" Everyone was laughing, and Mark couldn't help but laugh also.

"Mark and I are…." I tried to reply to Zoe's jokes.

"It was your face he was sucking on! Poor girl! I told him to take my kissing lessons but you can't teach an old guy anything anymore!" Socks playfully smacked his ass reaching for some more Koolaid.

"Oh shut up you little shit!" Mark grabbed Zoe's messed sleepy head and put him a headlock.

"Little Shit! You're the one who bought a penis enlarger!" Mark's face got redder as he released Zoe's head.

"You're the one who knew where I could get one!" Mark shot back.

"That's because I am a spokesmodel for all the large men of the world and I want all men to have the confidence I do." Mark smiled and shook his head.

"Okay, you win this one." Mark gave up and sat down by me.

"You can't give up like that! What a sissy. He falls in love and suddenly putting me down is no fun…. I am hurt." Zoe pouted, but Socks came over and gave him a victory kiss which cheered him up.

Mark and I ate quietly and then later, as we were dressing for an active Saturday (I had an art exhibit to check out, and he had an interior design conference), he entered my room.

"Let's not do what we are suppose to do today. We could go for a walk, get some dinner, and then go to Dree's concert." How could I resist?