"Hey Matt, come here for a minute." Billy, the class freak, invites me over to his car. He had been bothering me the whole week about buying some more. I wanted to quit so bad, but when he had his girlfriend ask me, I got so weak. Her long blond hair was always so soft, and the wind would play with it so nicely. I wondered all the time why she was with him. Once I heard that he had gotten her hooked real bad. Plus there was a rumor that she had a black eye one night from him. I wanted to rescue her, carry her into paradise and watch tv with her legs interconnected with mine. She made me write more- my English grade went up because of Olivia. I had written fifteen poems about her in one week.

"Yeah, What's up Bill?"

"I got this shipment in Matty, You want some for the weekend? I heard your folks were gonna be gone so......." He takes another puff on his small cigarette and drops it on the concrete. The school bell rings, and I nod. He hands it over and I push it into my baggy pants.

Later, in English class, Olivia shows up in the middle of class because she needed to take a make-up test. I know my face got red as our teacher had her sit behind me to take it. Her perfume lingered in my nose, and I was forced to turn around and say hi. Our teacher left the room once the movie "Scarlet Letter" started.

"Hey Mathew, how did you answer number seven?" I tell her the answer, and she smiles. I want to ask her so many questions.

"What are you doing this weekend?" She smiles again and licks her lips.

"Nothin'. You having a party Mathew?" I nod.

"Would you like to come?" I think more logically and add, "You could bring Billy if you wanted." At least she would BE there then.

She nods and giggles, but that night my house was empty and full of patheticness.

I ended up doing the lines on my own.

Later on that year, in the spring, Billy got arrested and consequently my drug life began to deteriorate. Fortunately, Olivia now needed a prom date.

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