Dear Tatum,

I am sorry not to have written earlier. Mister Shandler wrote and told me you had left for college and gave me this address. I have great news! The bank is sending me back to Crates. I was wondering if maybe we could get together in Cambridge around the first of October. I don't get leave until September 26th. Write me bak ASAP. I really miss you and I am sorry I didn't get a hold of you before I left.

Love, Isac


Wow. I decided to open all of them at that moment before I went absolutely insane.


Dear Tate,

Hey honey! How are you? You would love Europe! I am amazed at this place. I found a house in the middle of a forest just like ours and I want you to see it and what better way to see it then to come out here for Thanksgiving? I really want to see you Tate. I love you so much. Please think about this and write or call me. I'll even pay for everything! I love you.

Love, Herbert


Okay. I picked up Mark's. It had a daisy drawn on it in a very architectural way.


Hey, Tate would you read this and tell me what you think.

My eyes hurt with every glance

If I only had the chance

My heart pounds with every smile

For you, I'd run a mile

You laugh like a monkey

But your beauty is all I see

Inside you is someone I want to know

If only I could show

How much our friendship means to me

my sexy Tatum Marie


I couldn't wait for him to come home, but that would be around midnight. Since it was only six, I called up Isac.

"Is Isac there?" A woman answered it and questioned who I was and what I wanted, and then replied happily that Isac was in the shower.

I hung up and dialed Herb's number. He wasn't there so I left a simple message and went to the kitchen.

The door bell rang suddenly as I was trying to decide on a meal. I frowned and walked up to the door and peaked out of the stainglass window. It was a girl.