"Mark- phone for you!" Matt yelled from the first floor.

"Hello?" Mark lipped that it was Mary so I went to brush my teeth not knowing what to think. I tried to hold back tears of frustration. I was falling for someone that needed time when I didn't need it anymore, I wanted Mark. I wanted to be in his arms more. I started to feel sick and as I reached for some Peptobismal, I heard Mark yelling. I didn't want to spy, but well, these were desperate measures and hey- he was yelling so how could I not listen?

"Mary, listen to me please. I am so sorry but it just is not going to work anymore. I need to be alone. I need to find out what is going on with me. I am really confused, ok? I can't be with you anymore," he got quiet as he listened to her and he kept saying he was sorry and that he wasn't worth being cried over," Mary, I am sorry and…. that that is all I can say. You are a great girl, but you were not meant for me…. Take care of yourself, okay?…… Will you be alright?" She must have answered because he said goodbye and hung up.

I then walked out into the hallway and saw him with his head against the wall by the phone.

"I'm going to bed.. Are you okay?" He didn't reply, so I gently patted his shoulder.

I went into my room and wrote in my journal. I promised myself to TRY not to think about him for a while. I had to do it. Later that night I awoke to someone's footsteps outside my room (the house is that old!). I got up and peered out. It was Mark walking a path in the green shaggy carpet.

"Did I wake you?" he said when he saw my blond head poking out.

I squinted my eyes at him," No, I always get up at 2a.m., you know us witches, we make our brew at that time." He grinned through blood-shot eyes.

"You always make me feel better Tatum…. thanks." I crossed my arms under my bra-less breasts and leaned against the purple wall.

"So... What are you thinking? Democracy vs. communism?" He stopped in his path and stared at me for what seemed like eons. The grin on my face faded.

"I was thinking of you, Tatum. I have been ever since Dree told me that you would be living here. I never told you but I know Herb," he continued because my face produced a frown," One night when Dree brought him over, she was drunk and went to her room to pass out, so he and I talked. I was still seeing Mary at that time, but once he started to talk about you, I felt different towards Mary. Compared to you, she became too emotional, too much of what I wasn't looking for. Herb sold me on you. He loves you Tatum. He did even when he was seeing Dree."

Suddenly, I was the one that was contemplative and quiet.

"I know this is quick Tatum," he came over to me in the small hallway," but you feel so right." And then he kissed me.