"Zoe, honey, …do you have everything in the car?" I peek into his bathroom and see my sexy boyfriend in just his silky boxers.

He turns to me and smiles. I giggle and leap over to him. We embrace. Suddenly I am sad though. Zoe reads this and whispers all my fears away, "Your mother is gone now Sid. Don't think about them, don't babe. You have me. You've got me." I nodd into his shoulder. What would I do without my Zoe?- I think for the fifty-millionth time since we started our secret dating two years ago. He backs away and starts singing some goofy song. He makes me laugh so hard sometimes that I have now just considered him my exercise routine for life.

I grab the last Mountain Dew from the fridge and go out to the car. Our poor Jeep is over loaded with Zoe's art and my clothes. I feel sorry for it, but then wickedly smile at the fact that good old mom's money purchased it. I pictured her and dad still in their same lives, gossiping about him and her and the baby that they may have, or the affair occuring between what's his face and what's her butt. It made me nauseous for a bit, but the sight of Zoe's black head running down the stairs made that thought vanish.

"Guess where I found this?" He holds up my favorite yoga/meditation tape and I yell in surprise and kiss his cheek.

"Where?" I sip on the Mountain Dew's last drops.

"In the bathtub! How did it get..." I begin to laugh hard and then I wink at him.

"Last night when...." He flushes red and turns on the car.

"Oh, now I remember." He backs out of the driveway and we start gossiping about last night's going away party before quieting down into our own thoughts on the highway. The interstate always does that too us. It could be the mountains too or the air, but I knew it was because, this time anyway, we were leaving home, Portland, for college in the east.

He popped in my new U2 cd and we sang all the way to the Colorado border.

"Is your whole family gonna be home?" I ask only having met two of his just as goofy older brothers and their beautiful wives.

"Of course," He grins,"My sisters are gonna love you Sid and then my mom will make you fat and will be off to Cambridge!"

"Cambridge..." I mumble. The Rockies seem to echo my fear as they began to cloud over that afternoon. Cambridge... hmm...................