My One Sentence Story

This hat that keeps my creativity warm was given to me by my mother on my birthday which is exactly the same day Tyler's birthday falls on so in high school we'd say "Happy Birthday" to one another and sometimes I would tell people that my due date was really Christmas Day and how my parents would have like that, being their first born and all, but it also would have emphasized that my mother was pregnant at their wedding the previous June and how my grandmother never liked my dad the way my mom's twin cousins did because Allison told me once at the reunion, I think, that she and Mari thought he was so hot and when I asked dad about it he had such an ego about it and it drove me nuts because I hate people who are vain all the time like when Alisa, my sister, told me about her trip to Washington D.C. for school and how her friends would primp and Alisa just sat there wondering what ever happened to some of her close friends throughout high school and I wondered the same thing this last Saturday at her prom when I told Toby he looked nice and he said "Yeah I know" and it made me sad he was going with Melissa but Alisa looked all too much like a princess after being the great tomboy that she is and how I love her for it because then you aren't vain, you do what you please, and you have an excuse not to wear nylons and if you can get out of that well then you have got it made since those things are so itchy like some of the sweaters I have and they give me such a rash that I just want to peal them off and wear my levis and a hat to keep me occupied since

.................i am a pain in the ass.