Sybil Priebe


Grants Notebook- Grant and Proposal Writing

Spring 2002


Once pondering what grants I would actually get involved in, I realized that my interests vary so much that concentrating on one of them would, for one, not find me enough material to satisfy this assignment, and, two, not please me in my future needs. So, the following grants are all divided amongst my interests (most important first), and below their explanations are the sources I found that would be of great use to me if I were ever in want of pursuing something in that area. The grants listed below the focus are in alphabetical order.

Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts- If I were to make a film/documentary to show students how to write better, etc, and it was a very visual display (involving Flash?), I would definitely try out this foundation. Deadlines are given once you contact the funder.

Arts International- Site devoted to offering financial aid to professional artists for travel abroad. Deadlines are in May or January of each year. [212-984-5370]

Charles A. Lindbergh Fund- Grants of $10,500 given to individuals working in the arts and humanities. Because this grant looks for a definite balance in research between nature and science, it is a grant that would be useful for my wishful project to someday live like Henry David Thoreau or at least do research at the site of Walden Pond. Deadlines are found through the funder, and this fund is grounded in the Minneapolis area too!

Dactyl Foundation- $3,000 award for essays on literary, aesthetic, or cultural theory. Ongoing submissions.

Funds for Writers- A site pulled together by C. Hope Clark. This site is not broad in it's reach of grants, but does give extensive information on the grants that are listed. Many deadlines are listed and usually only grants that are coming up are allowed to be listed. This way the reader will know what is coming up instead of what has already passed.

Gunk Foundation- I like this one just for it's name! They give grants for public art projects that break out of the 'norm'. Can be awarded to teams, individuals or organizations. Deadlines are in the spring. [e-mail:]

NCTE: The National Council of Teachers of English- This site not only connects me with upcoming projects and conventions to attend at the college level, but also to the NCTE Research Foundation. Grants/funding in this area would consist of research done in the classroom or for the classroom. Changing/improving composition classes are an important part of my life and of the lives of many teachers. Ongoing deadlines.

NEH: The National Endowment for the Humanities- The Humanities Focus Grants [deadline April 15, 2002] and the Exemplary Education Projects [deadline October 15, 2001 and October 15, 2002] are two grants that I would definitely look into in the future from this foundation. The Focus Grants deal with educators determining significant humanities topics or "to map institutional directions for teaching the humanities". The Exemplary Education Projects are often of multiyear duration and consist of educators developing "humanities curricula and materials to disseminate humanities scholarship and teaching practices".

Poets & Writers- Lists many available grants, awards, and money for writers and poets. No deadlines are listed, but contact information is plentiful.

The Academy of American Poets- Atlas Fund: to support poetry book projects and non-commercial presses. Applications can be submitted only by publishers. Many other grants/awards can be found here on that site as well.


NWSA: National Women's Studies Association- "All awards and scholarships are intended to expand the boundaries and possibilities of women's studies and are available to people of all ages whose qualifications are compatible with the requirements of each award." Deadline for this year was February 15, 2002. Most interesting grant for me: NWSA Graduate Scholarship Award of $1,000. This grant is given to a woman engaged in the research or writing stages of a Master's thesis or Ph.D. dissertation in the field of women's studies.

The Henry A. Murray Research Center of Radcliffe- Many grants in this fund give priority to those who use the Center's data resources, but it is not required. Dissertation grants that spark my interest are: The Jeanne Humphrey Block Award Program that gives up to $5,000 to a doctoral woman student doing focusing on sex and gender differences. The other grant is that of The Henry A. Murray Dissertation Award Program again awards up to $5,000 to doctoral students focusing on some aspect of "the study of lives", concentrating on issues in human development, etc. My weblog research may work here?

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation- These Dissertation Grants in Women's Studies "encourage original and significant research about women that crosses disciplinary, regional, or cultural boundaries". Deadline for this year was October 26, 2001 and those candidates are expected to complete their dissertations by the summer of 2003. Winners receive $3,000 to be used for expenses connected with the dissertation.


An Uncommon Legacy Foundation, Inc.- This foundation is dedicated to enhancing the lesbian community. It lists sites that are of great help to those in this community. A few foundations/projects that help lesbians: Alternative Family Project in San Franciso, CA, for instance, aide in social services for lesbian families. The Seattle Lesbian Cancer Project aids those lesbians living with cancer.

Minnesota GLBT Educational Fund- "Several monetary grants are offered annually to GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) post-secondary students." The application deadline is February 1. The objectives of this fund are: to recognize outstanding GLBT students and activists, to support the continuing education for self-identified GLBT persons, and to foster a positive public image of GLBT people in society. [Why don't they have a positive image already?]


Fulbright Grants- Many of their programs vary in scope and timelines. It comes down to wanting to do somewhere that is somewhat yet undiscovered and studying/researching something that you need to do there and also is something no one has really done yet. According to the deadlines for were for studying in the 2001-2002 school year, it looks as if there are deadlines for the prior year (2000) in August and November depending on what you will be doing, etc.


Throughout my searching process (on Google, Yahoo!, and through other universities), I realized how much is really out there to DO. It is a bit overwhelming actually. In this assignment, I must also conclude that I come to discover more of my own passions/interests. For example, I would also like to remodel the house we are purchasing as a family up here in Fargo into a handicapped-accessible one. The grants out there are astounding that will aid someone in doing this (HUD seemed like the best organization thus far).

I kept my research basically online because that is the most accessible for me. The deadlines within the descriptions will help me as well, but many foundations take applications/grants on an ongoing basis it seems.



Winter- [December- March]:

Arts International, NWSA, Minnesota GLBT Educational Fund

Spring- [April- June]:

Arts International, Funds for Writers, NEH

Summer/Fall- [July-November]:

NEH, The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, Fulbright