....... Mediated Spaces ...............


Amusement Parks: Disney... (see * below)

Cities: Awesome example- think "The Big Apple" on New Year's Eve!!

Malls: Surrounded by media as well as merchandise that IS media and many malls now are so much the same that this particular mediated space seems to conform all over the world.. a mall in Germany looks similar (inside) as one in L.A. for example.

Other 'nonplaces': Airports, hotel chains, large retail outlets, supermarkets...

Cyperspace: "..a consensual hallucination.." (this very 'space' you are viewing)

My favorite example: Cars- the industrial design (got that word from Kevin) of space within them... how they continue to make that better for consumers.. more relaxing and comfortable, etc. There are now TVs built into some, etc.

*Media found in other media: advertisements for computers on the internet, tvs sold in malls, etc.*