portfolio review done below en route to completing Master's Paper (Prospectus)

portfolio paper links

= the simpsons paper done for graduate scholarship

= the weblogging paper done for electronic communications

= my linguistics paper

= a book review completed for the online journal, JIME

= a fractured narrative (email for copy) done in composition/rhetoric class



fall 2001:

-graduate scholarship with Dr. Robert O'Connor

-teaching assistant strategies with Dr. Richard Shaw

spring 2002:

-electronic communications with Dr. Kevin Brooks

-grant and proposal writing with Dr. Betsy Birmingham

fall 2002:

-composition and rhetoric with Dr. Betsy Birmingham

-social and regional linguistics with Dr. Donald Salting

spring 2003:

-composition theory with Dr. Kevin Brooks

-60s and 70s literature with Dr. Bill Cosgrove

fall 2003:

-last class / teach 3 classes

spring 2004:

-masters paper / teach 3 classes