What is their use? Whether a reader concentrates on the news blog vs. the more personal/confessional blog, it is evident that: "Blogs do two things that Web magazines like Slate and Salon simply cannot. First off, blogs are personal… The second thing blogs do is- to invoke Marx- seize the means of production." My main focus is on the more confessional weblogs, but the usage of the typical blog varies along with the types that are found. "Since there are a number of variations on this idea and new variations can easily be invented, the meaning of this term is apt to gather additional connotations with time.(kottke.org)" However it changes within itself (almost as if it has human qualities), some types in use right now can give insight into this evolving phenomenon:

Tech blogs- give ex, content and it's use…

Sex blogs- give example

Drug blogs- give example

High school student blog-

Their use and content are only amplified by their specific design. The format ranges and changes within each category and type previously spoken of.

Who are the bloggers of the world? Some are established writers like Andrew Sullivan (creator of andrewsullivan.com) that now get paid, through advertisers (brings in how private space can get ruled by public domain), to write/keep up his weblogging. His weblog is quite expansive and could rival the editorial comments that are found in any widely known magazine, journal, or newspaper. (It brings us back to the notion of how this could change journalism- talk about in conclusion with future possibilities, etc) Other bloggers range from students (college and high school) to technogeeks that want to share knowledge. Some sites are weblogs set up to allow people's weblogs to be linked to them for information on specific subjects. One in particular, The Internet Scout Weblog, does just that and therefore doesn't have a single blogger, but many.

How does it fit into Electronic Communications? [The more personal blogs- make EC more humanistic, gives EC voice/community feeling, yet keeps it textual, and adds in the quickness factor which was the goal, to some extent, of EC all along.. to get info. Faster]

The psychological impact on bloggers takes into account how we view electronic communications, the content of these blogs, their use, and the impact also seems to have as much variation as the types discussed. Bloggers like the print based diary/journal gain a sense of voice, are able to counsel themselves if not receive insight from other responding bloggers (can achieve electronic feedback about writing skills- a sort of online peer review group) and……..