"Anything that bleeds for five days and DOESN'T die, can't be trusted."- Dr. Love
Anyhoo- here are the 40 things to do before you are 40..got the list from RedBook: April 2001

1. Go on a vacation by yourself. (Spring Break 2002?)
2. Splurge on a good piece of jewelry (i don't know what this would equal to with boys) and wear it often..
3. Master a cookie recipe so others will beg you to whip up a batch (we'll let jodi take care of that one!!)
4. Get a facial and refuse to buy any additional beauty products..
5. Learn a foreign language. (Spanish?)
6. Vote for a different party. (Liberatarians)
7. Stop pretending you're going to move every 2 years and buy some good furniture. (With what money?)
8. Make a top 10 must have CD list and buy them all for your collection. (thanks to you David i am pretty much there!) DONE
9. Own a not especially pratical, but fun car. (i hear that one!!) DONE
10. Buy yourself some stocks and make a point not to check them. (Ask Dave about.)
11. Give money to a cause you really believe in. (Give to GreenPeace soon.)
12. Flirt outrageously with someone you shouldn't flirt with (like a guy that's not your hubby) DONE
13. Tell your parents about your happiest childhood memories. DONE
14. Apologize to your mom, or dad, for your teen years.
15. Save money.
16. Decide whether you really want to have kids or not and why.
17. If you don't, get a pet.
18. Travel somewhere outside the US- on less than 24 hours notice- carrying nothing more than what fits in your purse or wallet.
19. Master a self-defense move so that you can KICK anyone's butt if you need to.
20. Get fired. (yeah hooo!!) DONE
21. Take a pay cut for a new job. (And swear to never to it again.).. wait we're teachers.. nevermind.. DONE: TA
22. Get over your constant fear of being a bad mother to your children.
23. Take your kids to their first rock concert and totally get into it. (sounds like me)
24. Truly recognize that failure is a better teacher than success. (yep) DONE
25. Do something that terrifies you. (attend a high school reunion, let a spider crawl on your leg, have 20 people over for Thanksgiving dinner, become a teacher of high school kids..) DONE
26. Sit down and think about how you want to be remembered, then compose your own obituary.
27. Find a physical acitivity you love and make it your business to do it everyday.
28. Take a cross-country road trip. (check mark here.)
29. Make peace with your thighs, hips, or some other part that you have always despised (yeah David!)
30. Come to the realization that you never will figure out what you want to do when you grow up. DONE
31. Find a poem that speaks to you and carry it with you always.
32. Reread one of the classics you were forced to read in high school (forced? never!).
33. Sunbathe topless. (would that be bottomless for boys? ouch)
34. Find a new favorite sex position and practice it.
35. Get a Brazilian bikini wax.
36. Get "him" (or "her") so incredibly turned on at a four star restaurant that he'll say (or she'll say) "Check, please" before dinner is over.
37. Master the art of ordering a great wine at a restaurant.
38. Buy clothes because they make you feel good about yourself and not because they are age-appropriate. (i've been doing that for awhile now.. sheesh.) DONE
39. Right now, stop caring about what other people think of you.
40. Realize that they're not really thinking about you anyway.
Some of my additions...
41. Publish a book even if you only produce 4 copies of it.
42. Mess up a hotel room. DONE
43. Visit each continent if only to switch planes at an airport. (maybe do this by age 50)
44. Dance in the rain in an expensive outfit and don't care about it.
45. Laugh at yourself everyday. DONE
46. Tell people you love them, even if it means freaking them out. DONE
47. Smile at a complete stranger in a bar and try out a dumb pick up line on them.
48. Learn to make your own clothes.. in case you ever really want to or need to.
49. Eat something foreign and weird.
50. Fall in love a few times really hard. CLOSE TO DONE