...photos of me, throughout the years, and my family....


This first one to the left is of me and my parents.

I am the oldest in my immediate family and the oldest grandchild as well.

This was taken in 1977, my first Christmas.

I was 9 months old. My parents were.. um... around 23ish.



Later on, my parents added Alisa, Robin, and Jed to the lineup for the team. Alisa, Robin, and I are all 3 years apart. Robin and Jed are 2 years apart. We all get along amazingly well NOW after years and years of fighting and screaming and hair-pulling and slamming of doors.




This photo to the right is of me, my mom (who is pregnant with my sis Alisa I believe), and my first pet and the coolest pet I have ever had, Wilson the angora bunny.

I use to take Wilson for walks on his leash. And sneak him my veggies.

He died, ironically (?), on Easter morning. The dog that ate him, I hope, goes to hell.

But I am not bitter.



The photo below is the most recent family one that I have scanned in. This was taken in Island Park in Fargo, ND in like October of 1998.