The “All About You” Packet


{The “All About You” Packet will help students start the brainstorming process for almost all of their small assignments and major papers. Students will be asked to add something new to their packet every day of class. These packets are due within two weeks (Feb. 2) of their introduction (Jan. 22).}


*Purchase, find, or create a folder that can be your AAY Packet. It doesn’t have to be fancy.


Monday, January 22:

-         Add your Interest Inventory to the Packet (was assigned Jan. 19).

-         Create 5 Top Ten Lists. You get to create the theme for those lists (ex: ‘Top Ten Reasons I Dislike Donald Trump’ or ‘Top Ten Cool Web Sites’ or ‘Top Ten Shoe Brands’, etc.). Put these lists in your packet.

-         Create a “To Do” List based on things you would like to do by a certain age. This list should contain at least 10 items. Put this list in your packet.

-         Create a list of at least ten “I believe…” statements. Put this list in your packet.

o       1. I believe… this war is going nowhere.

o       2. I believe… that ignoring annoying people annoys them more but makes me happier.


Wednesday, January 24:

-         Blogs/Online Journals/etc allow people to capture/record their memories. Create a “River Map of Life" of your own memories and paths. Is your river windy? Was their a fork in the river at one point in time, and you chose the hard or easy way?


Friday, January 26:

-         No Class: Scavenger Hunt!!

-         Using the list of genres in the syllabus, search out and find at least 20 different genres [40pts?]. You can either bring in the actual genre or a copy of it (a copy of a newspaper article instead of the whole newspaper, for ex.). For those who want to go above and beyond and get some bonus points, you’ll receive a bonus point for each additional genre you find over 20. (The limit will be 40 total genres, or 20 possible bonus points.) You’ll show off these finds on Monday. They do not need to go into your AAY Packet unless you think they are “All About You.”


Monday, January 29:

-         Write a letter to your future self. What do you want future self to know about you right now? Place this letter in your packet. Please use the correct genre format for a letter.


Wednesday, January 31:

-         Share your AAY Packets in small groups. What did you learn about yourself? What can you learn about others by looking at their packets?

-         Write an Introduction or Prologue to your packet.


Friday, February 2:

-         AAY Packets are due [60pts?]. Remember: No Late Work is accepted without an excused absence.