Possible activities for this course:

Students will be asked to keep weblogs in order to explore the usefulness of journaling in public and in order to consider the usefulness of producing and using "filtered information" available on the web.

Students will get to know the NDSU library- it's book, journal, and gov't documents collections- as well as how the library's services function.

Students will work in small groups throughout the course in order to answer the complex question of "what literacy skills and content knowledge will be needed for 21st century citizens"?

Students will be asked to present work to each other through writing and oral presentation.

Students will be given the opportunity to explore means of communication that stretch the term "writing": from web site construction to visual arguments, etc.

Students will be asked to consider the implications of these changes in literacy to their sense of identity.

Students will be asked to collect (and reflect on) their own work in electronic portfolios, etc.

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