We all crammed into two vehicles, my bug and Socks's jeep to go to the concert. I honestly couldn't wait because I had never been to one and plus, it was Dree. Everyone seemed as bubblely as me, especially Libby, Dree's cousin. She kept smiling and joking around with Mark and I. Mathew was trying to remain calm although he had taken two vivarin, for some reason, before we left. I was convinced that his blood was all sugar.

Her concert was at a local pub/dance palace and there were cars everywhere already and we were an hour early!! I parked near Socks' vehicle and we all attempted to squeeze through the doorway of the place. People were everywhere and the smoke blurred the whole scene. Mark yelled when he spotted Dree sipping water as she talked to a group of guys way up front. She motioned for us to come up where she was. Being a doll, she had saved us a big table in the corner, in great view of her and the large Budweiser sign.

"Thanks for coming everybody!" Libby gave her a good luck hug and Zoe slapped her ass as she walked away. She looked so amazingly calm, but I suppose we were nervous enough for her. I glanced around the place and saw a variety of people drinking, laughing, and smoking. Mark tried to talk to me over the d.j.'s music as did Libby on my other side. Mathew had bummed a cigarette off of someone and the two love birds were laughing again over Zoe's bad singing.

Just as Dree's band got on stage, I looked around for the bathrooms to pee quickly. I spotted them on the other side of the stage and ventured that way. Once I was finished, I looked in the mirror and finger combed my hair. A bolt of worry ran through me, but I figured it was because of Dree's concert. I crossed my fingers quickly, for Dree I whispered, and blew my nose.

As I walked out of the ladies room, I stood frozen to the floor. Across the pub, sitting in our booth, talking with Mark and Libby was Herb. I suddenly felt nauseous and ran back into the bathroom to lose my dinner, with Mark, to the toliet.

What am I going to do?

Five million trillion thoughts began a mosh pit in my head, my breathing was increasing beyond my control, and I felt as though everything was about to cave in on me. I took a deep breath like Dree taught me from her yoga classes.

The bathroom's purple wall held me up during all this and I finally gained strength to walk out into the unknowing haze and face Herbert.


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This is kind of a suspenseful ending for me. This ending does not occur in the book and I have many, many ideas that I could use. This will be my final draft for now though because I don't want an ending that isn't suspenseful enough for me to want to continue on at a later time. IF anyone has suggestions on how to continue this, let me know. Also- what do you think of the title? email me at: lybis_tatum@yahoo.com

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