To:              Mrs. Teacher

From:         Miss Student

Date:                    13 April 06

Re:              Proposal for DIY Paper


This is the information for my DIY Paper that you requested.


Introduction to the Project Topic

I plan to create a mini-dictionary of punk terms followed by a short discussion of those terms. This paper will somewhat follow the idea of the Definition strategy we learned about in Chapter 16.


My Background on the Papers

At this point, I know a few punk terms from songs I listen to and from my other punk friends. I have been involved in what I would call a punk community since high school, so I have some stories that I could use in order to give better explanations of the punk terms.


Personal Advantages of Completing this Paper

Since I know so much about the punk culture, I figured I may as well put that information and my punk stories to good use. Plus, I will probably also share the paper with others during and after to get their input.


The Organization of the Paper

The paper will start off with a simple list of 5-10 words which are considered punk (by myself, my friends, or from what I research online). From there, I aim to dissect (for lack of a better word) each word. Specific questions will be asked throughout the discussion part like: What does it really mean in the punk community? How I can describe to someone outside of the punk community what it means, etc? The paper will be between 1-2 pages single-spaced, and it will be accompanied by a Works Cited page that includes definitions found online and through interviews with friends.


Point Breakdown

-          Organization (is it well-organized and understandable) (20 pts)

-          Introduction (teaser) and conclusion (summary) (10 pts)

-          How well do the stories and discussion define the punk terms? (20 pts)

-          Works Cited page with correct entries (10 pts)

-          Entertainment value (How interesting is it?) (20 pts)

-          Spelling and grammar and punctuation (10 pts)

-          An interesting title (5 pts)

-          Correct parenthetical citations (5 pts)