Someday, I will stand on top of a large stage and people will holler my name. I will start my song and people will sing along. When I cry, they will also and when I am done and leave the stage, they will beg for more. They will chant, they will pray. "One More Dree!! One More Dree, One More!"

But besides all that glorified shit, when people hear my music on the radio, it will make them think about their lives and they will be forced to look within. They will start using me as their spiritual reference guide.

"Do I have a problem with homosexuals?"

"Am I discriminating against those of other races, monetary backgrounds, or age?"

"Am I living up to my full potential?"

"Am I living out my purpose in life? Is there more to all this? Where is it for ME?"

"Is my relgion doing anything for me?"

"Is my job, homelife, spouse fulfilling? How can I make it so?"

"How can I be the best me?"

I will admit to everyone in interviews that I am not perfect either, but that I have chosen to look to myself, not a religion, not a book, not the society, to find what I need. I don't need their money, I just want their attention for five minutes a day. I am the singing teacher that is on the radio. I live poor, but think great things, things people should be thinking also.

Sure, it would be nice for everyone to know my name, but it would please me for them to say- "Hey, I heard this song by a great gal and she.. well makes me think.." That is what I want to do. I want to enlighten the world- it is quite a chore, I know, but I have the rest of my life to try.

"I don't need your money, I just want your attention for five minutes a day." And the interviewer will laugh and say- "That's great!"