Fake Interview Assessment

Interviews will take place on the second floor of the library Sept 19, 21, & 23.

Sign up for your 10 minute interview on Sept 16 in class.


[50 points total]


Introduce him/herself sufficiently, strong handshake & demonstrates good listening skills by nodding in acknowledgment of your answers

[5 points]


Speak with clarity, speak in a tone appropriate for a formal interview [10 points]


Answer questions honestly, intelligently Demonstrates knowledge of what the job will entail [10 points]


Present him/herself well hair (no hat), clothes (casual/dressy), eye contact, posture [10 points]


Asks appropriate questions at end of interview

[Bonus points]


Express his/her gratitude at end of the interview

[5 points]


Summary/analysis of how interview went (due Sept 30) [10 points]



{Print off this sheet and bring it with you to the interview.}


My interview is scheduled for: ___________ on Sept ____________.


Directions to the interviewing room:
Go into the Library proper;
go up the stairs by the circulation desk. 
At the top of the stairs take three rights around the
Stairs; go past the copy machine, and the room is on the left  
it does not have a room number.
There will be a sign reserving the room for Ms. Priebe's Interviews. 
Some chairs will be set up for students waiting to interview.