current intellectual work (summer 2005-)
my graduate work
(aug 2001-may 2005)
portfolio of work en route to writing my thesis
controversial semester syllabi: spring 2003 and social expressivist syllabi: fall 2003
teaching items
New 110 Class using Blogging?-"Assembling a Toolkit for 21st Century Literacy."
the check engine light
emotional venting while teaching high school in MN 1999-2001
the start of an intriguing story... maybe...
undergraduate essays on Dave Barry , how Chocolate Can Kill You, and the lakes area
undergraduate intellectual work (1995-1999)
my creative writing manuscript
a paragraph in a sentence and feline words of comfort
ah, those high school years (before the summer of 1995)
a book :the first chunk of it and then the weaving/winding last chunk