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  Instructor Resources:

-Online Handouts: Various documents with permission by Dr. Mark Gellis to be used in the classroom. Most of his handouts deal with rhetoric.

-"Getting an A on an English Paper." Extremely helpful site for students. Takes them step-by-step in the writing process with examples and helpful hints.

-Tracy's Lists of Ten: Links to ideas ranging from rethinking the classroom, unusual sources for research papers, and folklore to playing with literature, letter writing, and how to respond to student drafts.

-Paradigm Online Writing Assistant: Guides to help in specific areas of the writing process- discovering, organizing, revising, and documenting. Also has example essays.


-Our Complete List of Links




  English Department Homepage
Contains information about the English Minor and Major, the Master's Degree in English, etc...
  NDSU Library Homepage
Search WebPals, ERIC, InfoTrac, EbscoHost, etc... all online sources...
  Blackboard's Homepage

Find information for a specific course, online word document of an assignment, etc...

  Writer's Link
Links and resources for writers. Put together by Cindy Nichols.
  Online Students' Work
What kind of work are students doing? Check them out!

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