Example of a Multi-Vocal Paper/ Examples of Topics for a Multi-Vocal Paper


-- “What IS There To Do?”: NDSCS Social Life --


When I first came to NDSCS last fall, I didn’t know how I would meet anyone. Back in high school, I just knew everyone because the town was so small, and I had known everyone since kindergarten. The friends, however, that I really hung out with I got to know through sports. I think my first “challenge” was to incorporate my love for sports to help find friends, even though I wasn’t going to be playing college sports here at NDSCS. [...]



All the friends I know here on campus, I got to know through parties. I didn’t really want it to happen that way. Like, I didn’t think “I’ll go to parties and meet tons of people,” but that’s what happened. I still hang out with buddies from back home, but, again, the people from my hometown who I chill out with are also my drinking buddies. I guess, I need to figure out, for this paper, how other students can use the party-atmosphere to meet people even if they don’t plan on drinking or going out as much as I did. [...]



I am just going to admit that I am a “band geek.” I have been playing the trumpet for years, so when I got to NDSCS, many of the people I met and became friends with were also “band geeks,” I guess you could say. [...]



It took awhile to get the courage to find out about extra-curricular sports here on campus, but once I did, I ended up filling up my weekly schedule almost too much. [...]



The first party I went to was during the first week of classes last year. I met this one guy who was taking two of the same courses I was. After figuring this out, we also found out that we liked the same band – Metallica. After a few more beers that night, we started to scope out chics. Even though we failed miserably in finding some ladies, he and I are still buddies. [...]



I remember walking into my first music class here a few months ago. One of the girls in the class actually knew me through one of my cousins. We talked, and I found out more about other activities that may pop up for those of us who play instruments. [...]


[Continue on breaking up the essay with different voices, but keep the flow/organization understandable. If you want to use different fonts for different people, that’s fine too. If you do the paper single-spaced, it only needs to be 2.5+ pages instead of 5+.]


More Possible Topics:

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*Pick a topic that everyone in the group has something to say about. You’ll be able to get more writing to work with. (If three people write three pages = BAM, cut up and organize = Done.)

*The topic doesn’t have to relate to college life; if your group wants to give it’s multi-vocal opinions on the war or the legalization of marijuana, that’s okay. However, every person should take a different stance on the issue – not everyone should be pro-war, for example.


Format: 2.5+ pages single-spaced or 5+ pages double-spaced, 1” margins, 12 pt font, name of groupmates on front of paper somewhere