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The Department of English at North Dakota State University offers undergraduate (teaching and liberal arts) majors and minors as well as a Master of arts degree.

Graduate teaching assistantships are also available to qualified applicants.

We invite all inquiries via phone, e-mail, or just stop on in!

Important Information/ Announcements:

The Red River Conference of World Literature to take place April 25-27, 2003. This year's theme: World Literature and World Film! Proposals should be made by December 1, 2002. Inquire to:

The English Club is an undergraduate organization open to majors, minors, or anyone interested in English. Throughout the year, we participate in many activities including the following:

* Carbon World: NDSU's Literary Journal with poetry, prose, artwork, essays, translations, and other entries. The English Club works with the Scholars Program to publish this anthology. We solicit submissions, select entries, make format, marketing, and distribution decisions. This is our biggest project and everyone who wishes to become involved will have opportunities to do so.

* High School Writing Contest: English Club members collect submissions, select winners, and present awards to local high school students.

* Social Activities: Members often gather to discuss books, ideas, and each other's creative work. We have plans to attend movies, plays, and other activities together as well.

* Readings: Last year we sponsored a poetry reading in the Memorial Union Art Gallery as well as a reading by many of the authors in Carbon World.

For more information, please contact Julie Bergman at or 231-8503.

New Course Schedule: A revised course planner outlining the schedule of courses to be offered over the next year is available....

*English 110- Assembling a 21st Century Toolkit: This course will be taught in the fall of 2002 by Dr. Kevin Brooks, Cindy Nichols, and Sybil Priebe. The basic context of the course includes..

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Prospective students may schedule a visit by calling 1-800-488-NDSU.
Inquiries about the English program can be
e-mailed to: or contact the department at: 231-7143.
Muriel Brown, Professor and Chair
Phone: 231-71??
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