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English 120 : Sybil Priebe: Spring 2005


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j basic information

Instructor: Sybil Priebe
Email: ihaveabug@yahoo.com
Course Website:
Course Weblog:
Class Times: 8am/11am/12:30pm- all T/R
Office Hours:
Office: Minard 322B Office Phone Number: 1-7154


course description

This course takes the "average" English 120 Composition (concentrates on the process of writing analysis and persuasion essays requiring library research and emphasizes the appropriate use of information from sources, sound reasoning, and strategies for persuading readers) and adds:
· film, media, comedians, and speakers as content and research material
· technology (use of hypertext, weblogging, web-based research, etc)
· alternative forms of writing (fractured narratives, multi-genre, etc) and portfolios
· a student-centered atmosphere with student presentations
· the Writing Partners program

what's due and when? (remember, none of this is set in stone!)

=the class blog
=the chart

=the assignment descriptions

requirements to succeed

· book: The Call to Write
· backup disks for papers and projects/ $ to copy off articles?, etc.
· time to be on the internet for weblogging and research
· attending class as much as possible (contact me only in emergency situations)
· participation in class discussions and be prepared for class
· respect: respect other's opinions, writing styles, and property
· hand in assignments on time. No e-mails of assignments or papers (late or not) will be tolerated! If you will miss class, hand in the assignment early to me or my mailbox in Minard. No late papers or assignments permitted!


assessment and grading scale

this class is based on 1000 points divided as such: (is not set in stone!)

class participation- 100 points

daily assignments- 350 points

individual paper drafts- 150 points

group paper and presentation- 100 points

student group presentations- 100 points

individual portfolio- 200 points

90-100 = A
80-89 = B
70-79 = C
60-69 = D
59 and below = F

special needs

I encourage students with disabilities who need accommodations
in this course to contact me as soon as possible so that
appropriate arrangements can be made.

academic dishonesty/ plagarism

In the unfortunate incident of plagiarism.."Faculty members
may fail the student for the particular assignment, test, or
course involved, or they may recommend that the student
drop the course in question, or these penalties may be varied
with the gravity of the offense and the circumstances of the
particular case."

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