syllabus: paper 1.


class participation [100 points.]
IF you show up for class regularly AND speak up during discussions, you will receive full credit for class participation. Coming to class once in a while and/or not talking will get you a very low amount of points in this category.

daily assignments [350 points]
Blogging: 10 entries at 10 points each. Entries must consist of at least 5 sentences and must comment/respond/argue [100 pts.] {More information on this will be given the first day of class.}
Writing Partners Program: Write 3 letters to a middle-school student to increase awareness of audience and to become a more aware leader. [100 pts.]
DA #1: How/When are you controversial? [20 pts.]
DA#2: FAQ sheets on three controversial topics? [20 pts.]
DA#3: Controversial profile/interview with visual design? [20 pts.]
DA#4: Advertisements? [20 pts.]
DA#5: Field research activity? [20 pts.]
The Controversial Dictionary? TBA. [25 pts.]
Other various assignments: TBA. [25 pts.]

individual paper drafts [150 points.]
*paper descriptions
Paper #1: Defend or Undermine a Myth Report (3-5 pages). Situation: We all hear myths... "Blondes have more fun." "Frogs give you warts." "Chocolate gives you pimples." "Watching TV will rot your brain,” "Knock on wood." Audience/Purpose: Essentially, is there any truth to these myths? Are some myths actually factual or are they all bunk? Product: Take your experiences with a certain myth as well as any research you find and develop an argument, defending or undermining, the particular myth you choose.
Paper #2: A Fractured Commentary W/ Music (5-7 pages). Situation: Music is a big part of our society today. Almost everyone identifies with certain types of music, specific songs, etc. Some songs/artists/music, however, is very controversial. Eminem. Rap. "Goodbye Earl" by the Dixie Chicks. Audience/Purpose: Take a song that has a controversial issue within it, or a controversial artist, or a controversial type of music and dive into researching it. What do people find so 'wrong' about it? Why was the song written? What truths are found in the song? What good things have come from that type of music or that controversial artist? Product: Take your research, experience with the topic, and lyrics that reflect what you want to say about the topic and put together a fractured commentary. Possible examples will be shown in class.
Paper #3: Definition Proposal (5-7 pages). Situation: "Be a 'good' person." "She is a 'slut.'" "You are being so 'normal.'" We hear vague comments like this all the time. But what does it mean to be "good" or a "slut" or "normal?" How would we define that? Audience/Purpose: In this paper, you will take something- a word or concept- that is not usually easy to define. You will be able to research and use your experiences in trying to pin down what is the definition to that word or concept. Product: A paper that argues through proposing what the definition should be by using examples (narrative?), research, and one's own experience.
** “Using Research” in a paper/project does not mean using some amateur webpage(s). Find valid sources for each paper! We’ll discuss this more in class.
Paper #4: Utopia Project. With all the controversy in the world, it's a wonder we have societies and cultures that are working. However, some things do need tweaking. For this project, you and your group members will have to create your own society, utopia, that you think might just work better than the one we currently have. What would you change about the government, the class system, the educational system, etc?? After brainstorming with your group, put together a paper describing your group's utopia. You will also present on your utopia and have to defend it so you'll need to think each part of your utopia through thoroughly. [10 pages including an advertisement and mission statement. Presentations must include a visual aid, ex: a map.]

student group presentations [100 points.]
In groups of 3 or less, you will find at least 2 articles on the internet (at least one from each 'side') covering a controversial issue. Two people will present each ‘side’ of the issue and the third person can try to present to us the middle/gray ground of the issue. Within the class period then, you'll copy off enough copies of the internet articles for everyone to read (23) and give us time to read them (make sure they are under a page and come from reliable sources). After we've read them, give us questions (about the articles and essays) to discuss in small groups (put these on the board and type up a FAQ). Once it looks like we've all discussed enough in small groups, the three who are presenting will tell us what you/they thought- defend your/their sides, and then lead us in a large group discussion/debate, etc. *Two groups will present each day so your group has 1/2 the class time to present (30-40 minutes). [Each presentation must include two articles and a FAQ sheet for everyone.] Sign-up to present on Feb.1 or 3.

the individual portfolio [200 points] and the department portfolio.
All paper drafts must have been handed in in order for you to get any points for the individual portfolio. The individual portfolio consists of taking two of the papers (excluding paper #4) from this semester and revising them for a final grade. You will put these two final papers in a creative folder/holder and type up a one-page reflection cover letter to accompany the two papers. This reflection cover letter will allow you to reflect on why you picked the two papers you did and how you revised them: What did you change? What feedback did others, and me, give you that changed the paper? [The department portfolio is a separate portfolio and details are TBA.] The individual portfolio is due- April 26 and will be handed back May 3.


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