syllabus: assignment descriptions.


Assignment/Paper/Project Descriptions:
Constant/On-Going Assignments:

Blogging- Every once in awhile, I would like you to blog on the class blog. You will use the class blog to talk about controversial topics for papers, class discussions, questions on what to do with papers, comments on how the class is going, etc. I would appreciate everyone keeping personal comments to a minimum. Start your very own person blog for that type of commentary.

In-Class/Out-of-Class Freewriting- Attending class will keep you updated on when these are assigned and due.

Writing Assignment #1: *Minute Paper:Should not be longer than a page.
∑ Assigned Jan. 14. Due Jan. 16.
∑ What are the five top controversial topics in your life that make you angry, embarrassed, or unsure of to argue about/on. Elaborate on why those topics make you feel the way they do.

Paper #1: 3-5 pages.
∑ Assigned Jan. 16. Due Jan. 31.
Defend a myth: Blondes have more fun, Toads give you warts, Chocolate gives you pimples, etc.(use personal experience as well as other sources= at least 3!)


Student Presentations/Debates of Controversial Topics:
∑ Assigned Jan. 14. Present between Feb. 11- March 4 AND then again April 1-15.
In groups no more than 3, you will find 3 articles (at least one from each 'side') covering the controversial topic you will be presenting to us. One person will defend one side, another person- the other side, and the third person can try to present to us the middle/gray ground of the issue. Within the class period then, you'll copy off enough copies of the articles for everyone to read and give us time to read them (make sure they are not too lengthy and come from reliable sources). After we've read them, give us questions to discuss in small groups (put these on the board or type up a handout). Once it looks like we've all discussed enough in small groups, you three that are presenting will tell us what you thought- defend your sides, and then lead us in a large group discussion/debate, etc.

Paper #2: 6-9 pages. [4-5 pages single-spaced]
∑ Assigned Feb. 6. Due March 13.
Fractured narrative with music- use music to prove your point about something controversial OR write about a song that is controversial- for both, place lyrics in the writing. Cite music, and at least 2 other sources of information.


Paper #3: 5-7 pages. [3-4 pages single spaced]
∑ Assigned March 4. Due April 3.
Controversial topic that you are passionate about (me: Macs, VWs)- be ready to allow people in the class to refute that in a debate.

Paper #4: 5-7 pages. [3-4 single-spaced]
∑ Assigned March 25. Due April 29.
Defintion essay: define something not usually easily defined: a "slut", a "good" person, "normal", etc.

Online Portfolio/ Paper #5 (a.k.a. Final Essay):
∑ Assigned April 29. Due May 9 by noon.
∑ Portfolio: Revise, edit, and proofread your essays. Then format (visual layout/ good web design?) them for publication on your own web site.
∑ Paper #5: What is controversial about YOU, your life, and/or your family?

Presentation of Online Portfolio: May 8 during class time.

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