syllabus: controversial topics.

from the book: stereotypes in media and pop culture, private vs. public life, title IX, organ donation, ....

the death penalty

free condoms in schools

advertising in schools or at certain events

pregnant women in bars


same-sex marriage

plastic surgery

home-schooling vs. public schooling

piercings and tattooes

sex before marriage

school uniforms

swearing in classrooms by teachers and/or students

traditional "American Dream" vs. non-traditional

racism in the U.S.

sexism in the U.S.

women's issues: the Pill is normally not covered by insurance, but Viagra is, etc...

the English language: aren't swear words just words like the rest of 'em?

purchasing foreign cars vs. American-made ones

Macintosh vs. IBM

the Ebonics (African American Vernacular) debate..

prayer in schools or at events

free speech

the meaning of life: selling eggs and donating sperm...

physician-assisted suicide


What makes an issue or idea controversial?

Can you think of something that isn't controversial?