syllabus: definition topics.

"acceptable behavior" in a classroom, in a church, at a funeral, in a bar...

a "normal" person vs. a "weird" person

a "feminine" man vs. a "homosexual" man


the "tradtional American Dream"

"bad language"

a "relationship"

define the rules to a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship...







what makes a man a "player"?

a "good" person

"I did something really "bad"."

being "spiritual" vs. "religious"

a "sport" vs. a "hobby"

a "bar" vs. a "dance club" vs. a "pub"

a "geek" or "nerd"

"handsome" vs. "hot"


a "normal" childhood

"great" writing vs. "crappy" writing

an "excellent" movie (might want to go into criteria with this one)

The hardest word to define of all time: What is "LIFE"?

fashion design majors: "shirt" vs. "blouse", "dress pants" vs. "chinos"


tips for Definition Essays:

-make sure to agrue on grounds that most people will agree on.. making outrageous claims will only lose your reader.. (Sluts are girls that wear low-cut blouses all the time.)

-give at least three main statements within the definition like "Sluts are defined as girls that sleep around with many guys, don't care about their bodies, and don't use protection (or don't worry about the welfare of the people they get involved with, etc..) From there, the writer would back up each one of those statements with research or experience-based narrative (A friend of mine is a slut because... but my other friend is not because...)

-Sometimes what is helpful is listing what it is NOT. "Sluts are not girls that are very religious."