syllabus: paper 2. {6-9 pages}


Paper #2: A Fractured Argument W/ Music
∑ Assigned February 6. Due March 13.

Situation: Music is a big part of our society today. Almost everyone identifies with certain types of music, specific songs, etc. Some songs/artists/music, however, is very controversial. Eminem. Rap. "Goodbye Earl" by the Dixie Chicks.

Audience/Purpose: Take a song that has a controversial issue within it, or a controversial artist, or a controversial type of music and dive into researching it. What do people find so 'wrong' about it? Why was the song written? What truths are found in the song? What good things have come from that type of music or that controversial artist?

Product: Take your research, experience with the topic, and lyrics that reflect what you want to say about the topic and put together a fractured argument. Possible examples will be shown in class.


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