syllabus: paper 4. {10 pages total}


Paper #4: Collaborative Proposal Paper: Your Utopia.
∑ Assigned March 25. Due on Oral/Visual Presentation Day (April 10-22).

Situation: This group project is based on the discussions/essays we've done thus far. You will be preparing a proposal for how your group can form world where everyone is able to all live together peacefully and still retain your individuality.

Audience/Purpose: Obviously, you will need to look at what makes each of you individual and create a society where each of you will feel comfortable and creative. Society in present day America is not ideal for everyone (noticeable in discussion and essay topics), and you need to overcome individual differences to invent your utopia.

Product: A group paper that shows, defines, argues how all of you will get along in your Utopia.


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