syllabus: rationale and goals.


What I hope to accomplish:

-Engage students to think critically about their core understanding of themselves and the society they live in.

-Encourage active roles/ active thinking in and about society.

-Present the question and answer to, does an individual make a difference in society (Paper #4 and group project)?

-Use active reading skills.

-Practice good researching skills.

-Present to students various perspectives of society, controversy, and concepts of what it means to be an individual in our society.

How this meets English 120 course goals: Student Goals-

-Create and understand various argument techniques.

-Apply research to their own arguments.

-Develop better researching skills.

-Develop arguments in a non-bias manner, in a written and oral format.

-Become a more confident writer and student (perhaps blogging will aid this as well as the other types of writing).

-Develop analytical skills.

-Develop a good understanding of ethos, pathos, and logos.

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