syllabus: paper 3.


Unit Three- Paper #3: Self in the Information Age.
∑ Assigned Nov. 7. Due Nov. 27.
∑ "Who are You?". Your Self in the Information Age. Main contents should include, but are not limited to: How blogging has impacted you? How has this campus impacted you? How has this class and/or using the internet, in general, affected you?

A collaborative hypertext between many students connecting on certain, specific issues. You'll try to answer- "Who are you?"
Situation: Gergen writes an essay that reflects on very big issues; he has written this essay for academics and a generally well-educated public.
He asks questions that we all find interesting, yet extremely hard to answer (you may include your answers in your narrative if you wish)- What does it mean to be human? What makes for a good life? How can human kind act collaboratively and ethically together? How do certain technologies affect us when we interact with them (are you different when you blog or IM or chat?)?
This assignment asks you to write a narrative essay (story-like) reflecting on some of the questions above as well as try to answer "Who are You?".

Audience and Purpose:
You necessarily need to imagine any particular audience for this essay. You can write it as a part of coming into your own understanding of yourself in the technology age.

The Products:
Blogs are optional (no grade).
Participation (small percentage): Connecting with your peer groups- report to me your progress.
Paper: 6-9 pages. [3-5 single spaced] Must be done in HTML format or be placed on your web site.


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