syllabus: portfolio.


Portfolio/Writing Assignment #4(a.k.a. Final Essay):
∑ Assigned Nov. 21. Due Dec. 13 by noon.
∑ Portfolio: Revise, edit, and proofread the 3 essays. Then format them for publication on a web site.
∑ WA#4: Reflect on what you gained from this course/ set goals for English 120 and beyond.

You are welcome to include in this portfolio any part or all of your stretch assignment, and any work from any course. This is YOUR portfolio. I will look mainly at the three essays, however. Plus, the WA#4 is used as a final reflection on the course. This needs to be handed in to me and not necessarily published online at all.

Other teachers in the English department may read your essays online, and teachers from around the country may look at your work as well.
Presentation of Portfolio: Dec. 12 during class time.
These will be extremely informal and mostly used to show others in the class what you have done.


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