The Most Basic Sentence Patterns

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S = Subject {topic of the sentence}

V = Verb {what is going on in the sentence – what the subject is doing/action}

C = Completer {most sentences need to be completed, but there are some without completers like, “I do.”}


  1. Simple sentence: SVC.
    1. She likes him.
  2. Compound sentence: SVC, and/but/or SVC.
    1. She likes him, but he likes me.
    2. [SVC; SVC.] She likes him; he’s too cool for her though.
  3. Introductory sentence: _____, SVC.
    1. After last night, I knew she liked him.
  4. Interrupting sentence: S, ____, VC.
    1. Dr. Shelly, the new teacher, is kind of weird.
  5. Embedded sentence: S (who/that) VC.
    1. Dr. Shelly who gave me this paper assignment is kind of weird.
    2. The paper assignment that we got today is difficult.
  6. Trailing sentence: SVC, _____.
    1. She wanted to get an A, however.
    2. He said he loved me, still.
    3. [SVC: _____.] She wanted to get: an A in English, a new cell phone, and a haircut.
  7. Complex sentence: SVC (because, however, although) SVC.
    1. The students in class wanted to skip class; however, none of them wanted to miss the video.
    2. The students in class wanted to skip Friday because the video sounded stupid.



The above information is very basic. For more elaborate explanations, check out these sites if you dare:


Having trouble with fragments, run-ons, and comma splices?


Fragment: incomplete sentence (sometimes these work, sometimes they don’t)

a)      Without his love. => I was torn without his love.

Run-on: a sentence that runs on and on possibly because of too many and’s

a)      He didn’t want to stay and well I guess that was okay but I wanted him there and he couldn’t be so whatever. => He didn’t want to stay, but I wanted him there. He couldn’t be, though.

Comma splice: usually a comma is spliced between two sentences and it just needs to change into a period or


            a) The doctor mentioned the heart condition, I couldn’t believe it. => The doctor mentioned the heart

condition; I couldn’t believe it.



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