"Assembling a Toolkit for 21st Century Literacy."

Instructors: Dr. Kevin Brooks, Cindy Nichols, and Sybil Priebe

Term: Fall 2002:

Course Description: This is a computer, Internet, and new media-centered writing course. Students will read arguments and reports about the future of literacy (reading, writing, research, thinking) and will be encouraged to talk with local, national, and perhaps international literacy experts about their views.

Objectives: To develop strong reading skills (through a variety of print and online material), strong research skills (understanding how search engines work, using databases on the web, etc.), and strong writing skills (through introduction to a variety of brainstorming and prewriting activities as well as summary and paraphrasing skills, awareness of audience, clear thesis, argumentation, and organization.).

Rough Schedule: Unit One: Weblogs- what's the use?, Unit Two: Assembling a 21st Century toolkit., Unit Three: Self in the Information Age.

Reading List (still under development- will be added to):