Possible activities for this course:

Students will be asked to communicate via the class weblog before class time in order to explore the literature being read with other students who are also reading the assigned literature. The class blog will encourage students to read the assigned literature for class so that they will receive blogging points. This will also enable students to discuss the literature in the physical classroom as well. The instructor may use discussions and questions found on the class blog to start the classroom discussions.

Students will get to read and learn about cultures from almost every continent in the world. Students will not only be asked to read literature from these different cultures and countries, but they will also be asked to connect their lives and thoughts to what these authors are writing about.

Students will work in small groups throughout the course in order to answer the following complex questions: "Why does this literature mean to me?" "What is important to learn from this piece of writing?" "What lessons can I take, as a student in the 21st century, from this literature?" "Why do I like this piece of writing?/Why don't I like this piece of writing?" Among others...

Students will be asked to present work to each other through writing and oral presentation.

Students will be given the opportunity to explore pre-1900 world literature on their own for various individual & group projects.

Students will be asked to consider the implications of world literature to their sense of identity.

Students will be asked to collect (and reflect on) world literature authors who are unknown (insofar as they are listed in our book or other books).

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