The Purple Wall's Seven

Once I registered, I drove to the house I was renting with five other students. I didn't know any of them besides the girl who recommended me to stay there. She knew Herb and had dated him. She had graduated and wanted me to take over her room. All I knew of them, the other students, was that they were freshmen like me.

The first one I met was Dree, the one Herb knew. She was a member of a nearby band and had the longest hair with the most amazing combination of colors. We got along fabulous since she was in the same situation with her parents as I was.

The house was nothing like the ones I had seen in rich Crates, but it was an older home that had it's adorable quirks, like the toliet you had to talk to to get it to flush. While the walls and decorations originally, according to Dree, had been more conservative, the ones I stared at that day were wearing a variety of different pictures, colors, and designs. Each room matched the mood people would probably have in them. The kitchen- yellows, the living room- neutral colors along with black appliances and wood accents, and the five rooms were all a story in themselves.

When I went upstairs to see my room, I met my next door roommate. At first, I just saw her rear end because she was bent over her bed looking for something. When knocked on her bright red door, she peered up at me and climbed to a sitting position on her bed. Her hair was dyed white and she had a nose ring which I found instantly fascinating.

"Hi, my name is Sidney but everyone calls me Socks because I like to dry my wool socks on this line," she giggled and pointed to a string that reached from one wall to another,"So you're Tatum, right?"

"Yep," she motioned for me to sit on her bed and we ended up talking until her boyfriend bolted in two hours later.

"Hi !" he threw at me before picking Socks up like a sack of laundry and twirling her around. She dodged the corners of her bookcases and screamed. I joined Zoe, her boyfriend, in laughter until she got violent and pounded on his back. He finally released her small frame to the safe ground and looked at me more closely, moving his dreadlocks away from his black eyes.

"You have great blue eyes, doesn't she Socks?" Socks was still out of breath but she nodded at him before signing to me that he was crazy.

Zoe and Socks left to go grab something to eat, so I began to unpack and decide how to decorate my room. That is when Mathew barged in.