syllabus: assessment/grading.


Assessment Information:

Graded Products:
100 points- Blogging
100 points- In Class/Out of Class Writing
200 points- Writing Assignments
100 points- Presentations
100 points- Discussion in Class/Participation in Class
400 points- Papers/Portfolio

Grading Criteria: I will comment on the following areas in your papers/writing assignments. They provide an outline for you to look at and use when writing.

Material- Is the material well-chosen for the particular situation, audience, and purpose?
A.Generalizations backed up with adequate specific supporting detail.
B.All points adequately covered, with no unnecessary material.
C.Accurate information.
D.All points logically presented and supported.
E.Material free of contradications.

Organization- Is the material well organized for the particular situation? Does the format support
the organization?
A.Clear, logical overall structure, signal (where appropriate) by headings, etc.
B.Clear, logical paragraph structure.
C.Smooth transitions.
D.Appropriate introduction and conclusion.
E.Well-placed material (for logical, psychological effect, and emphasis).

Style- Is the style appropriate for the situation, audience, and the writer's ethos?
F.Diction: Appropriate, avoids cliches and unnecessary jargon.
G.Sentence Structure: Avoids monotony or an over complex style.

Mechanics- meets at least a general standard for mechanical correctness (one error per 100

Definition of Letter Grades and Grade Scale:

A-Outstanding Work. Shows a superior completion of assignment. Provides excellent selection of content, organization, and wording of material to fit the rhetorical needs of the particular situation. Uses a style that is fluent and coherent. Has few if any mechanical errors. Shows clear understanding of readings, insight, perceptiveness, orginality, and thought. 900-1000 points.

B-Good Work. Significantly above level necessary to meet course requirements. Has a thorough, well-organized analysis of the assignment. Shows judgment and tact in presentation of material appropriate for the intended audience and purpose. Supports ideas well with concrete details. Has an interesting, precise, and clear style. Is free of major mechanical errors. Strong, interesting work, although minor problems remain. 800-899 points.

C-Meets all basic requirements of the course and assignments. Provides a satisfactory analysis of the writing task, subject, and audience. Accomplishes its purpose with adequate content and detail. Uses detail, organization, and expression appropriate for the rhetorical context. Has acceptable mechanics. Nothing remarkably good or bad about the work. 700-799 points.

D-Meets the assignment, but is weak in one of the major areas (content, organization, style, mechanics) or offers a routine, inadequate treatment. Shows generally substandard work with some redeeming features. 600-699 points.

F-Unacceptable Work in one or more of the major areas. Fails to meet one or more of the basic requirements of the course or the assignment. May fail to cover essential points, or may digress to nonessential material. May lack development, organization, show poor tone, or simply may be unclear quite often. Under 600 points.


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